Professional project management required

Our society is increasingly changing to a sustainable society in order to make the transition to a society that is fossil-free. No one needs to tell you that sustainable energy projects are becoming increasingly complex. You will experience this yourself, perhaps on a daily basis. Especially in view of the interests of all stakeholders.

In order to properly manage issues such as risks, planning, costs and quality, a sound project structure and optimal projectmanagement are essential. Especially at a time when economic pressure is increasing and the end result counts heavily in your business case.

Professional projectmanagement is imperative for projects to lead to the intended result. Duesz GREEN Project Management can play a key role in this: leading your sustainable energy projects decisively and purposefully. Duesz GREEN has extensive experience and expertise in managing sustainable energy projects.

A construction process is complex and full of risks. Projectmanagement focuses on the preparation and supervision of the implementation of a construction project. Selecting the right partners, taking care of the permits and specifications, applying for subsidies, SDE, organizing a tender and drawing up the contract documents are part of this. With my project management I ensure tight management and a successful delivery of your sustainable energy project. I have experience with different tender forms!

Portret Jaap Hogendorp
Registered Storage-Specialist


My sustainable project portfolio that I have experience with as a project manager

  • Repowering of on-shore wind farms

  • TES systems in Utility and Healthcare

  • Solar energy projects for the supply of sustainable heat

  • PV projects for housing and office buildings

  • Biomass project for the supply of sustainable heat

  • Renovation of MS / HS stations with Station Automation

  • New HS cable route

DueszGREEN Windmill

Wind Energy Projects

I have experience with Repower projects of existing wind farms. These wind farms have a very favorable wind location. With the repower, the existing, often old, wind-depreciated wind turbines are replaced by new, modern wind turbines. This increases the installed capacity. As Project Manager I manage the entire construction project for you with the following main outline. Dismantling the current wind turbines, adapting them to the foundations and electrical infrastructure with grid connection and installing and commissioning the new wind turbines. I also provide input in your business case regarding scope, design and budget with tender. Working safely is of paramount importance to me.

Solar Energy Field DueszGreen

Solar Energy Projects

Solar energy is free fuel. I have managed solar energy projects for both sustainable generation of water for district heating for a large residential area, 7,000 m2 ground-based thermal solar energy project with heat transfer station.
And also PV systems on flat roofs for apartment complexes and commercial buildings. And on PV systems for new-build homes, where a value of EPC zero or a zero-on-the-meter home was achieved in combination with a heat pump (water / water or air / water).

Medium and High Voltage Energy Projects

Our electricity grids are currently being made future-proof, so that the new solar and wind farms can also have an impact on the public electricity grid.
During my career as Project Manager I have also modernized medium-voltage substations with new switching systems and station automation, but also when new motorways or highways are being constructed and therefore a new HS route must be created.
I manage these projects from the design and implementation phase, including tendering. From A till Z. Here, too, I consider safe working to be of paramount importance, together with the work and installation managers.

Biomass Energy Projects by DueszGREEN

Biomass Energy Projects

Biomass projects are emerging and a nice addition to the wind and solar energy projects. Sustainable heat and green steam can be generated with biomass installations.
As a project manager I have experience with various biomass projects. Including a new biomass installation fired on dry wood chips for an existing heat network. For this project I did the Preliminary Design, the tender, and the project execution, including the temporary facilities for heat supply. I also gave presentations about the new biomass power station to the residents with great pleasure.
And also during the preparatory phase of a new sustainable energy project at a Cacao producer, where I delivered a budget definition including engineering deliverables and also a cost estimate for the demolition of an existing depreciated biomass installation. I work with a project team, together with experienced cost estimators and engineering firms.

Heat and Cold storage Energy DueszGREEN

Heat and Cold storage Energy Projects

I manage heat and cold projects (TES) from A to Z for utility projects en in healthcare In these sustainable energy projects, groundwater is used to extract energy. A low temperature heating system is controlled via heat pumps to the delivery sets, in homes or apartments. The scope of woks on hood lines for a TES project is arranging the sources, setting up the central technical room, indoor distribution network and the delivery sets in the home. During my career I also gained a lot of experience with the adjustment and delivery of these sustainable energy systems. TES projects, from PID to Handover!

DueszGREEN Districtheating Projects

Districtheating Projects

New heat networks. To make primary heat production sustainable, the heat network must also be upgraded.
I have experience in managing projects where generating is sustainable. Including through solar energy, but also a sustainable energy mix of landfill gas and biomass. In the photo you can see the new Tei-Inn where the sustainable hot water flows into the heat network to the houses. This what I have related was a replacement project in an existing operational heat network. Thanks to a smart phasing during construction and temporary heating facilities, the heat supply during construction was guaranteed.


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  • Duesz GREEN Project Management provides you with added value

  • Risk-driven project management

  • Realization of your sustainability ambitions

  • Contribution to the energy transition and CO2 reduction)

  • Expertise in management of complex, one-off projects (outside your own core business)

  • Grip on and control of your project in all phases, results focused




I am used to working with multidisciplinary project teams and because I understand everyone’s position I can manage them well.rience with various project management methods and works on your project according to the certified PM methods listed below.

Prince 2    IPMA,    RISKID – Toolkit    VOL-VCA Safety for supervisors

I speak the language of the passionate technician as well as the language of the stakeholders. This makes it easy for me to translate the project into the right result. I am used to working with multidisciplinary project teams and because I understand everyone’s position I can manage them well.

RISKID – Toolkit

Managing risks in a project is a continuous process where you would want to involve all team members and other stakeholders, such as the client, subcontractors, expert consultants, etc. RISKID is designed such that you can easily involve all stakeholders in the risk management process.

Once all stakeholders are invited to the online RISKID environment, they are asked to identify risks they see during the different phases of the project. By inviting all stakeholders you can be sure all perspectives are taken into account and that the chance of missing a risk is minimized.

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