Hip hip hooray, here’s my very first blog on my new website. Today is a happy day in my life because my own website

www.dueszgreen.eu goes live

After working in the renewable energy sector for 20 years, I decided to continue as an independent entrepreneur, with sustainable energy projects at home and abroad and offer clients risk-based projectmanagement.

To set up my own website was quite a job. Fortunately, I hired a specialist for the technology and programming. That is also how I work on my projects.

But it was a real challenge to present my broad experience with sustainable energy projects to the world in a very nice way. I am someone who likes to think broadly and sometimes has to take the time to go deep. But it worked out very well and I am very proud of the result!

My new corporate identity with logo for Duesz GREEN Projectmanagement. has a become very beautiful and was t designed by a very experienced graphic She understands my drive and ambition with sustainable energy.. I choose the green color form my corporate identity, because it is most widely associated with sustainability worldwide! And the green globe with the arrows symbolizes the dynamics in the world of sustainability today and also my dynamics in my personal life.

Yes and where does the name Duesz Green come from, you will wonder? I have had this name in my mind for a few years. It is a contraction of 2 girls next door, Dunya and Esmee, in Almere a place where I have lived for a number of years and was also very involved in local sustainable energy development at that time.

I hope you appreciate this new green website.

Also I like to thank my sustainable network in the Netherlands for their support in recent years and also my PUM network. Via the PUM, where I volunteer for short foreign missions, brought me many wonderful experiences and insights and brought me into contact with many beautiful cultures. A very nice inspiring club, of which I, as one of the youngest advisors, can be part of!

I came into contact with PUM after my divorce, a turning point in my life. From traditional to change, sustainability. My motives for sustainability for me is, leave the world better if I have found if, this for my children.

I have been passionate about sustainable energy projects for 20 years now and the world is happily at a turning point towards sustainable thinking and development. The Energy transition, the Climate Agreement in the Netherlands, The European Green deal of the European Union and Sustainability Goals of the United Nations and may more local green deals.

My slogan for Duesz GREEN Projectmanagement, has therefore become:

“Renewable Energy doesn’t cost the Earth”

That’s where I stand for I am proud to be part of it!

Nice to meet you!