Nice to look back at one of my clients during Corona time.

With this client I managed with multiple project teams and a nice alternated number of projects on multiple High Voltage Substations at the biggest public grid companies in Holland!

The highlight for me as a Senior Project Manager is the E-house Phase 2 program.
This project has been placed with my construction team of E-houses at 8 High Voltage Substations in the North of Holland. Hard work for my project team and little trouble with the Covid and safety on 1 on my construction sites!

An E-house is a smart concept to quickly realize grid expansion for the Sustainable On Land projects, including solar and wind parks. The drive transformers are also being upgraded. The first solar and wind farms will be connected by the middle of this year already!

Other interesting projects I managed for this client are multiple grid extension projects, transformer switches and up-grades. Maximum expansion of high voltage substations, I call it.

I am very proud to be able to contribute to the Energy Transition at this client, as a Senior Project Manager Successful, with my experience and skills, during COVID-19.