Duesz GREEN – Volunteer work

I have been involved with PUM Netherlands Senior Experts in The Hague for 12 years now. In my spare time I go out on average once a year to help an entrepreneur abroad with his questions about sustainable energy or organizational development. I do this as Sr. Expert in the Energy & Environment sector. Such a mission usually takes 2 weeks.

Where am I going?

In recent years I have been able to advise small entrepreneurs in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Russia, Senegal and Peru. All beautiful trips, and I met very inspiring people. I have also learned to improvise and to collaborate with other cultures and religions. This gives me a lot of energy.

In addition, there is also the realization that people there can offer something so that they can generate a better income or receive more training. And thereby build a better life.

Duesz GREEN Volunteer work PUM

What am I doing?

Despite the fact that this year the world has almost come to a standstill due to the Corona crisis and my mission to Ghana has been postponed, I can still keep in touch with this entrepreneur in Accra almost every week through remote coaching with FaceTimen, to help him with his sustainable plan.

Last year I went to Peru to give a workshop at a chamber of commerce about the use of SolarGIS systems on the Internet.

The clients I have advised are from a Shrimp Farm and Dive Resorts in Indonesia, a Nunnery in Tanzania, a company that makes micro-hydropowerplants in Sri Lanka, to a Contractor in Russia and a cable operator in Senegal. They are all working on sustainable energy and want to grow in their business!

Volunteer work at PUM came my way 12 years ago after my divorce and I am now one of the youngest volunteer advisors with a good number of missions ahead. Also enjoy the beautiful photos with this BLOG, because for these people I go out and share my knowledge! Take a look at our website, www.pum.nl and be inspired.

DueszGREEN Voluneer project