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Duesz GREEN can unburden you with your solar projects. In addition to extensive experience with project management of complex sustainable energy projects, Duesz GREEN has developed further on Solar in recent years.

In the mission and vision of Jaap Hogendorp, founder of Duesz GREEN, wind and solar energy are the purest forms of sustainability. Clean and also inexhaustible sources that we can make good use of to achieve our climate goals. In this way I want to use my passion to create the greatest possible impact on reducing CO2!!

I have experience with overall project management of ground-based PV projects, roof-top projects and residential. In addition, experience in advising solo projects in the developing country. Here the focus is on solar design and battery sizing for both on and
off grid PV systems in rural areas.

In recent years I have therefore specialized further with great love as a solar consultant and I am now a Register Solar Specialist and Register Storage specialist. In this fascinating world.

Duesz GREEN Solar, can offer you the following services:

  • Project management and construction supervision of Solar projects from A – Z, worldwide.
  • Project development of Solar projects, drawing up or participating in the preparation of the Business Case and permits, ecology.
  • Congestion management, connecting your PV park (MS/HS) to the public grid. What agreements will we make with your regional grid operator, so that you have to sacrifice the least amount of your PV yield.
  • Application for a new connection to the public network, or cable pooling.
  • Tendering and selection of suppliers
    Designing your new PV system.
  • Designing your new battery storage system.
  • Supervise solo projects/solar meadows for Energy Cooperatives and Municipalities.

Do you need help with your solar project? Feel free to contact me, while enjoying a cup of coffee we can discover what we can do for each other.

Together we move forward!