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In this blog I would like to give my vision on project management. In my 20 year career as a project manager I came into contact with various project management methodologies at my clients.

During my carrier at Essent Energie I worked with the Shell ways of working to manage very large investment projects. During the phase in which the project was prepared, together with Business Development, the Front-end Development (FED phase), as during the implementation phase of the project and the hand-over phase with financial closure.

But I also gained experience with PRINCE 2 project management methodology and my vision on this is that this is the project management methodology that best suits sustainable energy projects. Why actually?

PRINCE2 takes you from a business justification to a new project, the Business Case. In the business case, the costs, returns and risks come together and how certain it is that the business case will be realized. A number of clients I work for manage, cost, lead time, scope and quality. But PRINCE2 also focuses on risks and returns.

In short, the major advantages of Prince2 are that it brings structure and transparency. And this also suits my personal style as a Project Manager.

In addition, I have had several conversations with customers in recent months, who would like to improve their predictability of their projects in implementation. Or a customer who does not like surprises during the execution. Risk management should receive more attention for this. I have worked with clients with RISK / FMEA Excel lists. But it is more a mandatory number than it really has support from those involved.

In order to create more support in risk management and to become more risk-aware, I have partnered with RISKID. An accessible toolkit to identify and mitigate all risks together with your project team and stakeholders. And this greatly increases the predictability of your projects during implementation.

DueszGREEN delivers risk-driven project management!

Duesz GREEN - Risk management